Voxl is the online store of Canadian artists Peet Massé and Maxime Archambault/S3 STUDIO. Here you will be able to find all the by-products they realize in parallel and/or in complementarities with their respective art work production.

Posters, art prints of all sorts, toys and other original goodies will be available here in exclusiveness.

Voxl is a small operation in which Peet and Max are the only employees. Yet they can't agree on who gets the president chair and who washes the toilets. One thing is sure though, they are crazy almost unbearable perfectionists and they guarantee all the products they sell. They only do merchandise works they feel strongly positive about and that they think would bring people some warm feelings and/or constructive thinking. They run this store while trying to keep some integrity to their beliefs and try to keep the prices fair. Most of the prints they sell are hand signed and numbered, which they feel is a good way to democratise art and get it to a larger spectrum of art lovers that matches a wider range of budgets.

Keep being on the look-out of this singular journey-enterprise. The best is to come!